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Allauddin Adbutha Deepam

Alladdin(ANR) is a son of a poor tailor. Once alladdin met a stranger who is a magician. The magician asked Alladdin's mother to send her son with him to earn money. Any how Magician took alladdin with him to a cave where the magic lamp was there. Alladdin was instructed to get the lamp without touching anything in the cave. while bringing the lamp he asked magician's help to come out of the cave,but magician without helping him,asked the lamp to catch him. Alladdin puts a condition to save him to get the lamp. Magician got angry over alladdin and locked him in the cave. Alladdin was surprised to see the person when he rubs the lamp. With the help of him he gets out of the cave. From then how he do the magics with that lamp and how he overcome his problems was shown extraordinarily in the movie. See and Enjoy the rest of the story in our teluguone


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